The Man in the Bucket– Or, Why I Love Boba Fett (and Maybe You Should, Too)

(“The Hunter and His Prey,” Celebration V print by Chris Trevas)

I won’t pretty it up too much–when Jango and Boba Fett showed up in Attack of the Clones, twelve year-old Ian was…less-than-enthused. In truth, I was actually angry. I’d watched the original movies on VHS since the early-’90s, so I was aware of the Special Edition changes, but none of them bothered me when I was seven; not many of them bugged me when I was twelve, either. But this? The Fett that showed up in Attack of the Clones was the first time that a Star Wars retcon burned me–or, more properly, the first time George Lucas not being tied down to anything licensing published burned me.

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