Thoughts on “Twin Peaks” & Mr. C…

Dear Reader:

I hope you like Twin Peaks, because otherwise this is going to get really tedious, really fast! I’m not sure if a nearly twenty-seven year-old show warrants this, but…SPOILER WARNING! I’m going to be talking about the original series (especially the finale, Episode 29, “Beyond Life and Death”) as well as large swaths of the 2017 revival. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!


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More Thoughts on the Finale of “Rebels”…

I’ve had some time to sleep on it and give some thought to the series finale episodes of Star Wars: Rebels, and, to be honest…I still find myself in much the same position that I was in several hours ago. There were things I enjoyed about the episodes, and things that still leave me feeling (at best) neutral or (at worst) with a lot of active dislike.

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