Hello Once More, Dear Reader…

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I hope life’s treating you well. In my experience, she always seems to have a way of — well, getting in the way of things, doesn’t she?

I’ve been busy (and not) over the past several months, and after a bit of a hiatus, I’m finally starting to get back into the swing of things. Or, at least, I want to. I love writing, and I want to do more of it — so I will!

The last piece I wrote here was deeply personal (and maybe deeply flawed), and I think it took a fair bit out of me. A few people liked it, which was nice, but I’m not used to being quite so open on such a public scale; I think I’ll continue writing in that vein, at some point, but for the near future, I think I’m going to tone things down a little and write pieces that are a bit more widely accessible.

Ages ago now, I had an ambitious plan to do a chapter-by-chapter review and analysis of a book that I really loved, the novelization of The Last Jedi by the wonderful Jason Fry, but…that fizzled out before it ever had time to takeoff. I might revisit that later — it might be interesting to revisit the film and the novelization, either separately or together, in light of the just-over-a-years’ worth of discourse surrounding it — but my current plan is to keep things a little more topical for the time being. Don’t worry — I’m still going to write about nerdy subjects (including Star Wars, of course!) but I’m going to start off with a review of something more recent, at least to start off with.

Going up tonight will be a review of Marvel Comics’ Age of Republic – Jango Fett #1, part of the limited Star Wars: Age of Republic series (which is itself part of a larger series of storytelling across eras in the universe, companion to Star Wars: Age of Rebellion and Star Wars: Age of Resistance); following on from that, hopefully over the next few days, I’ll post an in-depth look at Brian Daley’s Han Solo Adventures trilogy (the novels Han Solo at Stars’ EndHan Solo’s Revenge, and Han Solo and the Lost Legacy) which I’m currently nearing the end of a re-read of.

((Daley is at least somewhat-topical given the somewhat-recent [if you’re being really generous, which you will be!] release of Solo: A Star Wars Story, which not only had a similar broad premise — an adventure featuring a younger Han Solo set before A New Hope — but also included references to Daley’s work, both within the film itself and in the tie-in media.))

Here’s to the New Year, early as we still are in 2019, and may it be fruitful for us all!

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