First Thoughts on the Finale of “Rebels”

First: Overall, I really enjoyed the finale–for the most part. I think the pacing was a little odd, and the execution was…interesting. But I can get over a lot of those things. I can handle Ezra kidnapping Thrawn and using the perrgill. I can definitely handle Jacen Syndulla–that’s cool!

Here are a few things that…I’m having a harder time with:

  • 1. The Empire never retaliated against Lothal. Based on everything we know about the Empire, especially before the Battle of Yavin, this…seems like the absolute least likely outcome to me. Even if the Empire didn’t succeed in retaking the planet, they would blockade it, they would send ships to investigate what happened to Thrawn. Anything, really.
  • 2. Rex fought on Endor. The retconning of Nik Sant into a clone of Jango Fett…this seems like a very bizarre, pseudo-whitewashing of the heritage behind Jango Fett and the clones (in our real world)–suddenly, Polynesian people are indistinguishable from white people? I don’t care about this because they’re getting rid of a nothing white character, to be clear, but because…he’s clearly not a Maori.
  • 3. Ahsoka living past Endor. I knew this was going to happen after “A World Between Worlds,” but I really think it’s counter to what we know about her character that she would just…not rejoin the Rebellion? Just disappear for like 6 years? That seems…un-Ahsoka-like.

Maybe these things will come to make more sense for me in time, but as of right now, I’m honestly at a loss to reconcile them with my understanding of the Star Wars universe.

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